Website project: visual design / animation concept & creative direction

Designing a series of white papers for Ryerson Networks AG, subsequently led to being further commissioned to work on the visual approach for their website. Extracting visuals from the white papers, opened up the creative opportunity to develop the key messaging and additionally visually design the concept for the homepage animation. l throughly enjoyed the process of building upon the original white papers project – allowing for further visual creation and development. It was also a joy to learn about the capabilities of AI within the context of the Insurance Industry.

Client testimonial

Fergal McGuinness, Founder of Ryerson Networks

“It was a pleasure to work with Elizabeth.  Ryerson is an AI consulting company that delivers content in a variety of ways ranging from conventional written reports, slides to web delivery. Elizabeth proved very adept at using and extending our corporate identity in all of our communication channels. We relied heavily on her to come with accessible ways to visualise and communicate complex ideas. This she accomplished with little need for guidance from our side despite her not being familiar with the underlying business context. 

One aspect of our collaboration that stood out was Elizabeth’s focus on detail and persistence in getting the delivery exactly right, when others would have taken a “good enough” attitude towards content.

We look forward to collaborating with Elizabeth again.”