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l am a professional graphic designer living and working in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland. l founded Seaglass, my graphic design business in 2005. l welcome you to explore my commercial portfolio on this site.

Since 2010 my passion for design has also led me to share my design inspirations via an digital sketch-book / curated gallery called Looking Glass – a platform to reflect my artist side – another view of Visual Communication – giving an insight into art & design that inspires me as a graphic designer.

l wish this site to be a consolidated source where l can present my design work as a professional graphic designer as well as share innovation and creative inspiration.

Ideas generate fresh perspectives, raise a smile. They are gifts to be shared.



Parallel to my passion for art & design, l enjoy spending time outdoors, as l believe fresh air helps to rejuvenate the creative mind. Another source of creative energy renewal which l am finding highly stimulating is dance – learning the intricate steps of ballroom and Latin is proving to be lots of fun, as well as being the perfect outlet for further visual and creative self-expression.

l also take pleasure in cooking, travel, practicing meditation, Pilates training, listening to music, attending concerts, visiting exhibitions, and spending quality-time with close friends & family. All of which nurture my creative spirit.