Intricate. The prime adjective that leapt to mind when l initially came across the paintings by Ruby Silvious. l was immediately struck by her attention to detail, notably given the nature of the chosen blank canvas – the teabag.

Much to my creative delight, l discovered further art and books dedicated to the teabag. “363 Days of Tea: A visual journey of Used Teabags” is a daily record of a mood, a moment – captured within one year.

l love the idea of capturing a moment with a day-to-day approach – pushing one´s creativity each and everyday. The book reflects a rich understanding of application and execution – delicately and artfully expanding the purpose of the used teabag.

Here l have chosen three images which l feel in different ways capture my first impressions of Ruby Silvious´ teabag art. Detailed, playful, artistic, and richly inspiring.


Left:26 Days of Tea in Japan / Day 21 Tsuru (crane), watercolor, ink and watercolor / Centre:26 Days of Tea in France/9 Dressed to a Tea, ink, watercolor, collage / Right:Extract from the website/363 Days of Tea

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