It was through printing talent Rita Nicolussi that my introduction to the communicative charms of Le pigeon voyageur was made. A collaboration (based in Switzerland) between Rita and illustrator Naomi Baldauf, the classical form of high-end stationary is richly celebrated hand in hand with creative illustration and extensive exploration of print production techniques. Their passion for creative ideas and printed form is widely reflected in the attention to detail.

I’ve had the immense pleasure to enjoy a couple of printing conversations with Rita Nicolussi concerning some of the projects created via the Le pigeon voyageur collaboration…the phrase “eyes light up” springs to mind.

In recent months, l was most fortunate to attend the annual printing Messe in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. While visiting Rita Nicolussi and the Le pigeon voyageur exhibition stand, l came across these beautifully illustrated Christmas tags. The Snowman imparticular caught my attention, closely followed by the OwlBaby in a shoe and the Mushroom man. l find they make not only lovely gift tags, but also appear rather pretty as a tree decoration. The Snowman has certainly found a new home on my tree.

Le pigeon voyageur retains the pleasure of receiving a hand-written note, and truly is a “Carrier of valuable messages”.