Working with the talented Jill Allemang, owner and managing director of jallé gmbh is an absolute joy that generates creativity, ideas and a smile. l’ve been working with Jill for the past few years, and our developing designer/client relationship never ceases to inspire me.

During the past weeks, l have been working with Jill, along with fellow jallé team member Inge Van Halst on jallé’s 5th Anniversary celebration event. And last week saw our design concept go live.

The jallé event was held at the Kunsthaus in Zurich, which proved to be the perfect setting for the jallé ethos of exploration. As an introduction to the launch of the new jallé Studio Pass concept, we designed an interactive art-based teaser card activity, inviting attendees to select a postcard. Part two of the concept saw Jill and Inge, hand-out black square envelopes that contained a question, along with space to attach a postcard, and record an answer.

l was initially drawn to Paul Klee’s Persian Nightingales (1917), for the striking colour and composition. And yet upon closer inspection, my heart began to sing, when it occurred to me that this piece of art truly tells me something rather telling about my career as a graphic designer.

Jallé is a learning studio, a platform to explore your career, talent & potential. And l feel this art-based exercise authentically captures the exploratory, creative essence that is jallé.

Inviting you to take the side ways!