l LOVE to travel, and so when l came across Love Travel Guides by Fiona Caulfield, my heart skipped a beat. Her ethos of embracing a city’s true essence by emerging oneself into the culture is a true reflection of how l also like to travel.

The first book ‘Love Bangolore’ was published on Valentines Day in 2007. Since then Fiona has added to the series with, Love Mumbai, Love Delhi, Love Bengaluru and, Love Jaipur, Rajasthan.

lt gives me great pleasure to announce the up and coming publication for Love Goa, planned for September 2011. l’m honoured to be able to share some “sneek peek” illustrations with you on Looking Glass !

The authencity in which Fiona writes, magically entices me into another culture, and the hand-drawn illustrations, emphatically enrich the reading experience. l feel inspired and enraptured as l explore the hidden treasures of India.

With it’s luxurious design, and cloth packaging, these charming Love Travel Guides are truly created for the luxury vagabond, who wishes to fall in love …

*Note to Zürich readers – Love Travel Guides can be purchased at the Museum Rietberg.