When l look into the big, colourful eyes of these paper animals – aptly named, ‘The Wild Bunch ‘, l can’t help but be amused! Founded by Madeleine Rogers in 2001, Mibo has creatively expanded its original collection of designer lampshades to textiles and paper projects.

‘The Wild Bunch’ is one set out of six paper animal kits that can be purchased, and brought to life with the simple tools of scissors, a ruler and glue.

For as long as l can remember, l’ve been particularly fascinated by the structure and nature of the giraffe. To combine the thrill of assembling an endearing 3-D version of this beautiful creature, and to admire it’s shape and form when completed, truly captures the spirit of paper play.

l for one, am most delighted to learn that Mibo has extended its range of lighting and homewares to paper projects, which l feel will create much enjoyment for children and adults alike.

Have fun exploring the wild side!