January | 420gsm white watercolour paper | Coloured cotton thread | 420 x 297mm


Joy of Living | 90gsm graph paper | Various colour cotton thread | 297 x 210mm


Liberty – From Regent Street | 420gsm white watercolour paper | Black and Gold cotton thread | 500 x 700mm

Stitching doesn’t immediately spring to mind when one thinks of illustration, which leads me to believe that the work from Peter Crawley gives an impressive fresh perspective on this medium.

Each piece is intricately created by hand piercing watercolour paper with a pin, the paper is then stitched with a needle and cotton thread.

With this knowledge in mind, l carefully considered which images to share on Looking Glass, with the purpose to show each stitch and piece of thread in minute detail.

The varied choice of project, from typographic solutions, to stream-lined architectural structure, is glorious in form and precision. l also adore how the multi-coloured threads become an integral part of the illustration (as shown in the piece ‘January‘). Beautiful!

A particular illustration that instantly caught my imagination, was the piece ‘Joy of Living’, (shown here in the centre of the three visuals). Inspired by the Ishihara Plate test for colour-blindness, the illustration was created as part of a ‘joy of living charity’ project.

“Joy can sometimes feel very distant or become hard to see. However, it is always present and we never lose it, sometimes we just need to look a little harder”. (Quote from Peter Crawley)

Looking with a close eye at the stitched illustrations from Peter Crawley, l would conclude, this to be very true indeed.