Imagine my delight when l came across daily life being reflected through the delicate form of paper! Designed by Japanese architect Naoki Terada who established Terada Mokei this year, the 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series is simply a playground of paper bliss!

Displayed here is the N0.9 Orchestra and No.1 Housing series.

The beauty of the 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series, is the interaction that it immediately generates. Each set comes as a self-assembly kit, so by simply popping out the pieces and folding them into place, you can create your very own world. What fun!

With a full orchestra coming to life, and a cyclist enjoying a ride while a dog looks on. One can’t help but become enchanted!

l do believe that the basic concept of the self-assembly model kit has been given a new lease of life via the extraordinary 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series.


© Photo Kenji Masunaga